Allendale Fire Dept

Dumpster fire handled with 1 engine

Tuesday, July 14, 2009  During the early morning hours of Tuesday July 14th Engine 932 and Chief 930 responded to a reported dumpster fire near a residence on Trotters Lane. One line was stretched and operated to extinguish the blaze. Crews sifted through the contents of the container to ensure total extinguishment. 932 returned to service a short time later.

The rest of the week the FD responded to 4 additional calls.

Thursday July 16 was a busy one for AFD.  An activated alarm in a commercial building on Pearl Court in the Industrial Park was handled by Engine 935 and Ladder 941. Crews determined the alarm was accidentally set off by an electrician working inside the building. All units returned to service shortly thereafter. Later this day an activated alarm prompted the response of Engines 932, 935 and Ladder 941 to a residence on East Allendale. Dust created by contractors working in the basement was determined to be the cause, information was taken and all units assigned returned to quarters. Finally, at 11:34pm NORCON requested an Allendale engine to standby at Upper Saddle River's Fire headquarters while USR battled a working structure fire in their town. Engine 935 responded with a crew of 7 to provide the coverage. Chiefs 930 and 940 also responded as well. No runs were logged during the 40 minute coverage period.

 An activated alarm at a residence on Dale Ave was caused by smoke from a barbeque grill drifting through an open window and setting off a detector on Saturday July 18.  Engine 932 handled the incident.



Mutual Aid to Saddle River for MVA

MVA Route 17 Saddle River. Rescue 942 and Squad 952 assisted.

MVA Route 17 Saddle River. Rescue 942
      and Squad 952 assisted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009  A serious motor vehicle crash involving a landscaping truck towing a trailer occurred on Route 17 in Saddle River on Wednesday July 8th. Saddle River Fire Command and SRV Rescue Command requested our assistance in containing a large fluid spill as a result of this accident.. Rescue Co. 942 and Squad 952 with the HAZMAT Trailer in tow responded to the scene. Allendale crews spent over an hour on scene for this incident, utilizing 50 bags of speedy dry.



Severe Weather Tests Department's Mettle

Tuesday, July 7, 2009  During the late evening hours of Tuesday July 7th a rip-roaring thunderstorm barreled through the area, bringing high winds, sideways rain, and the requisite lightning and booming thunder. The aftermath yielded uprooted trees, downed power lines, flooded roadways, and branches down everywhere across town. PD became inundated with calls and dispatched the Fire Department accordingly.

Engine 932, Engine 935, and Ladder 941 all responded along with Chief 930 to sort out the mess, along with crews from the DPW. The crew from 941 assisted a driver whose car became trapped in the rising flood waters under the West Crescent Ave underpass. A downed high voltage power line at the intersection of West Allendale and West Crescent Avenues was tended to by the crew of 932 while they waited for Orange and Rockland to respond. 935 and 941 inspected damage to structures caused by fallen tree branches and helped removed large limbs and branches from the roadways as they made their way around town. In all, 30 fire department personnel assisted throughout the night until 430 am when the last apparatus finally returned to quarters. Job well done!



The week of June 28 gets busier...

Sunday, June 28, 2009  On July 1st a fire alarm activation on Heights Road was handled by Chief 940 and workhorse Engine 932 during the late evening hours. Crews checked the residence with their Thermal Imaging Camera and a gas detector and found all to be well.

Then on July 2 PD received a report of a possible gas leak at Northern Highlands High School and dispatched a general alarm. Chief 930, Engine 932, Ladder 941 and Rescue 942 all responded. Upon arrival 930 reported a loud gas leak in the immediate vicinity of the school. Allendale crews were ordered by the Chief to ensure the building was evacuated. Due to the large amount of gas and the size of the school, 930 requested NORCON to be activated and for a 2nd alarm assignment to the scene to assist. This brought assistance from Ramsey, Wyckoff, Waldwick and Saddle River to the scene and for station coverage. PSE&G was also requested and responded as well. Representatives from PS managed to shut the gas main down, and crews then ventilated the structure and took readings with their gas meter to ensure the building was safe to be reoccupied. Thanks to our mutual aid departments for their assistance.

During the early morning hours of our nation's birthday, an alarm was received from a residence on Schuyler Road. Chief 930 and Engine 932 responded and checked the structure. The house checked clear and the alarm was reset.

Later on July 4th the department provided fire protection coverage during the fireworks at Crestwood Lake.



3 calls during week of June 21

Sunday, June 21, 2009  On Saturday the 27th of June, Engine 932 responded to an address on
Allen Street for an activated C.O. alarm. Crews checked the interior with their gas detector with negative findings. As a precaution PSE&G was summoned by Fire Command to be sure all systems were operating normally.

The next day Engine 932 responded to a grill fire at a residence on Wehner Place. Chief 930 responded as well. The fire was contained to the grill and extinguished. All crews were back in service within 20 minutes. Also on the 28th, Engine 932 and Chief 930 responded to a utility emergency on Forest Road. Wires on a telephone pole was smoking requiring the actions of FD as well as Orange and Rockland.  Crews spent 30 minutes on scene providing scene safety until the arrival of the utility company.



3 runs tallied during week of June 14

Engine 932 at Wyckoff Co. 1.

Engine 932 at Wyckoff Co. 1.

Sunday, June 14, 2009  Engine 932 responded to an activated alarm on June 15 at a residence on Elmwood Ave. Steam from a shower was determined to be the cause and a report was taken.

On June 19 Engine 932 and Ladder 941, along with Chief 930, responded out to the Industrial Park on Boroline Road for a received fire alarm. A power outage in the area was considered to be the culprit. Crews spent the better part of an hour thoroughly checking the large commercial building to be sure nothing was amiss.

During the afternoon of June 20 Wyckoff again requested an engine to provide standby coverage due to a working house fire in their town. Engine 935 and Chief 930 fulfilled this request to the tune of 2.5 hours of standby time at Company 1. No runs were logged during this time.



Week of June 7 Fire Run Synopsis

Sunday, June 7, 2009  On June 8th Engine 935 responded to a mutual aid request from Waldwick for a smoke condition in an occupied school on W. Crescent Ave.  935's crew provided ventilation assistance as well as recon during the incident. 935 was released by Waldwick Command after 30 minutes of on-scene assistance.

Later the same day an alarm was received on Dale Ave. Chief 930 and Engine 932 responded, investigated, and determined the cause to be smoke from cooking. Crews were back in service within 10 minutes.

On June 9th a fire alarm was handled by 930 and crews from 935. Dust was created by a contractor working inside the structure.

On June 10 Wyckoff requested 1 engine to standby at their Co. 1 firehouse during the early morning hours for a smoke condition in a large high-occupancy building in their town.  935 was the responding engine and they logged no calls during their 20 minutes of standby time.



First week of June yields 1 call

Sunday, May 31, 2009  On June 3rd, a motor vehicle crash on East Allendale created a small fluid spill requiring a response of Rescue Co. 942 as per Capt 960.  Crews spent approximately 20 minutes on scene cleaning up the roadway.



Runs during week of May 24

Sunday, May 24, 2009  During the week of May 24 the Fire Department took in 2 calls.

On Tuesday the 26th at 0400 hours the Fire Department responded  to an activated smoke alarm at a residence on Powell Road. Crews from responding Engine 932 determined the alarm unit question had a bad battery. Later that morning a mutual aid assist was requested by Ramsey for a fire alarm at their high school. Engine 935 responded and was cut loose after 10 minutes of stand by time.



Runs during week of May 17

Sunday, May 17, 2009  During the week of May 17, the Fire Department responded to 4 calls.

On the 17th an alarm was received from a house on Canaan Pl. Engine 932 responded and confirmed unattended cooking caused the alarm.

The following day Station 9 was dispatched to a residence on High St who was complaining of a burning odor.  Engine 932 and Ladder 941 along with Chiefs 930 and 940 responded in on the assignment. Crews checked the entire structure for approximately 30 minutes but all findings were negative.

On Saturday the 23rd, Rescue Co. 942 was dispatched for a lift assist at a residence on W. Allendale Ave. Ladder 941 provided back up assistance.

Later on Saturday, PD dispatched Station 9 on a general alarm to the end of Woodland Ave for a reported brush fire along the NJ Transit tracks. Engines 932 and 935 along with Ladder 941 all responded with Chief 930. Crews brought the rather large area of fire under control within minutes, and spent a good half hour combing through the area extinguishing hotspots. 



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