Allendale Fire Dept

December Fire Activity

Friday, January 1, 2010  The rundown:

Dec. 9: electrical emergency with fire; residence on Hubbard Ct; Eng's 932 & 935, Res942cue, Chiefs 930 & 940 handled.

Dec. 11: PD assist / missing person search; Franklin Tpke @ Chestnut; Eng 932, Res942cue, ISU 955, Chief 930 handled.

Dec. 12: chimney fire; residence on Franklin Tpke; Eng's 932 & 935, Ladder 941, Res942cue, Chief 930 handled.

Dec. 13: carbon monoxide alarm; residence on Brookside Ave; Eng 932, Chief 930 handled.

Dec. 13: fluid spill mitigation from mvc; Res942cue, Chief 930 handled.

Dec. 13: mutual aid to Ramsey for house fire; Eng 935, Chief 940 handled.

Dec.25: mutual aid to Ramsey for house fire; Eng 935, Chief 930 handled.

Dec. 29: commercial fire alarm on West Allendale;  Eng 935, Ladder 941, Chiefs 930 and 940 handled.

Dec 30: mutual aid to Ramsey for house fire; Engine 935, Chief 940 handled.

Dec. 30: fire alarm at nursing home; Eng 935, Chief 940 handled.



November Fire Activity

Tuesday, December 1, 2009  The rundown:

November 1: fire alarm, Linda Dr residence, unattended cooking, Eng 932, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 2: fire alarm, Northern Highlands, Eng 932, Ladder 941, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 2: outside rubbish fire with minor extension to structure, Hillside Ave, Eng's 932 and 935, Ladder 941, Chiefs 930 and 940 handled.

Nov 3: fire alarm, Pearl Ct, Eng 935, Ladder 941, Rescue 942, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 3: fire alarm, residence on Oakwood Rd, Eng 935, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 8: car into a house, Brookside Ave, Eng's 932 and 935, Rescue 942, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 9: electrical emergency, residence on Beatrice, Eng 932, Ladder 941, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 9: fire alarm, residence on Dale Ave, Eng 935, Ladder 941, Chiefs 930 and 940 handled.

Nov 12: smoke condition, Rite Aid, Eng's 932, 935, Ladder 941, Rescue 942, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 15: electrical emergency, residence on Heights Rd, Eng 932, Chiefs 930 and 940 handled.

Nov 15: alarm activation, commercial building on West Allendale Ave, Eng 932, Ladder 941, Chiefs 930 and 940 handled.

Nov 15: fire alarm, residence on Elbrook Dr, Eng 932, Chief 940 handled.

Nov 16: fire alarm, Allendale Nursing Home, Eng 932, Ladder 941, Chief 930 handled.

Nov 23: fire alarm, residence on Cedar Drive, Eng 932, Ladder 941 handled.

Nov 23: request for mutual aid to Midland Park for church fire, Rescue 942 handled.

Nov 26: smoke detector activation, residence on Hillside Ave, Eng 932, Chiefs 930 and 940 handled.

Nov 30: fire alarm, residence on Paul Ave, Eng 932, Chief 930 handled.



"Rock"-tober keeps AFD rolling...

Thursday, October 29, 2009  Fire alarms, mutual aid runs, even a smoke condition kept Allendale's Bravest on their toes the past couple of weeks.

On Wed the 7th, Waldwick FD requested an engine as part of their 2nd alarm gas leak incident.  Engine 935 responded directly to the scene as per Waldwick command and stood by a hydrant for 45 minutes while WFD crews evacuated the immediate area. Public Service managed to bring the leak under their control and all units were released shortly thereafter.   Later on the 7th, Engine 932 and Ladder 941 responded to a residence on Hillside to investigate a fire alarm.  Chief 930 also responded. A piece of plastic in an oven during use resulted in a slight smoke condition thus setting off the alarm. Natural vent was used to alleviate the condition, a report was taken and all units returned back to service.

On the 8th Engine 935 and Ladder 941 responded to a residence on Homewood to investigate a fire alarm. Crews confirmed a report of dust created by contractors on scene was the culprit.  The night of the 8th AFD hosted their annual Fire Prevention Open House.  Many parents and kids enjoyed the festivities and tour of the station and equipment.

During the early evening of Friday the 9th, Engine 932 and Ladder 941responded to an alarm at a residence in Rio Vista. Crews determined dust from a basement work shop was the cause. 20 minutes after returning from this alarm were dispatched to another alarm activation on Edgewood.  Steam from a shower was the culprit.

On Saturday the 10th, Allendale Fire hosted the annual Northwest Bergen Mutual Aid Memorial Service at the Guardian Angel Church.  The service honors the members of the mutual aid who passed away during the previous year. Representatives from area departments and the deceased's family members were in attendance. Mayor Vince Barra spoke at the service as well.

A fire alarm at a residence on E. Crescent on Columbus Day was handled by Engine 932 and Chief 930. A malfunction of the alarm system was determined to be the cause.

On Monday the 19th, Waldwick requested station coverage due to a working fire in their first alarm response area. Engine 935 provided the service and logged no runs during the 45 minute time frame.

During the early morning hours of the 20th, Engine 932 handled a waterflow alarm at a commercial establishment out on Commerce Drive.  Crews performed a search of the structure with nothing found. During the incident, a neighbor reported smoke issuing from a house on Hillside Ave. 932 and Chief 930 took up from Commerce to handle the 2nd incident but it was determined to be steam from a dryer vent. Later on the 20th a fire alarm on Orchard Street was caused by unattended cooking on a stove. Engine 932, 935 and Ladder 941along with Chief 930 and 940 all handled the incident.

An alarm at the daycare/preschool facility at Archer Church was inadvertently set off due to good intentions by the principal conducting a fire drill. No f.d. intervention was required.

Engine 932, 935 and Ladder 941along with Chief 930 handled a malfunctioning alarm system at a residence on Hillside on Saturday the 24th. An alarm on the 25th at a residence on Allen St. was caused by stovetop cooking. Chief 930 handled the incident.



Couple of runs before the Giants game never hurt anyone...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009  An early morning fire alarm activation on Gloria Drive on Oct 4 was handled with a one and one. Egine 932 and Ladder 941 responded along with Chief 930. Crews checked all floors with their cameras with negative results, fielded a report and returned to service a short time later.

Later in the morning, dispatch toned out AFD for a leaking propane tank at the Guardian Angel Church. Engines 932 and 935 responded along with Rescue Co. 942 and Chief 930. One line was stretched and operated to keep the tank cooled down until the relief valve could reset itself.  Once that was accomplished, the tank was confiscated by fire officials to be properly emptied. After the 90 minute incident all AFD units returned to service.

Then the Giants kicked the Chiefs butt.   Way to go G-Men!



End of Sept / Start of Oct

Tuesday, October 6, 2009  After a quiet 7 day cooling off period, Allendale's Bravest was pressed into duty again for their services.

On Sept 30, a fire alarm activation at Brookside School was handled with 2 engines and the ladder company along with Chief 930.  No cause was found after an extensive search of the building. All units cleared after approximately 90 minutes of on-scene time.

A fire alarm at a residence on Myrtle Ave on Oct 1 was handled by Engine 935 and Capt 960.  A new heating system firing up for the first time was determined to be the culprit.  A report was taken while the system was taken out of service. All units returned to service a short time later.

Later on Oct 1 a resident on Cambridge Dr complained of a burning odor in their basement.  Engines 932 and 935, Ladder 941 and Chief 930 responded. Crews from the first-in engine deployed the thermal imaging camera and their gas meter as a precaution to find the cause of the odor. Halfway down the basement stairs the gas meter's alert system went bananas, receiving readings of well over 200 parts per million (ppm). Crews were ordered out of the house and to go on air before continuing their primary search. Command (Chief 930) requested PSE&G to respond to the scene. Upon completion of the search, crews reported readings of 430 ppm on their meter but no visible sign of smoke or fire. Electric fans were placed into service to vent the house before the PSE&G rep could begin his investigation. It was determined that the boiler was malfunctioning and a small gas leak from the hot water heater was the cause. All AFD units cleared after about 90 plus minutes.

During the evening of Oct 2, Mahwah Fire Dept requested an engine to standby at their Company 1 firehouse due to a working fire at the Doubletree Inn on Route 17.  Engine 935 with a crew of 8 responded for the assignment. No runs were logged during the hour-plus coverage.



Post Convention runs keeping AFD Bravest busy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009  On Sept 21, a burning odor in the area of a residence on Waibel Drive prompted AFD to be dispatched to investigate. Engine 932 and Ladder 941 responded with 11 firefighters, along with Chief Dave Walters (930). An extensive search of the house and surrounding area proved negative. All units cleared within 30 minutes.

A large fluid spill on West Crescent Ave the morning of Sept 22 was handled by Engines 932 and 935 as well as Ladder 941. The fluid, which was determined to be transmission fluid, extended from the traffic light at Brookside Ave all the way up to Franklin Turnpike, up the Turnpike into Ramsey where the truck was later stopped. Crews spent a little more than an hour spreading 20 bags of speedy dry to eliminate the hazardous condition.



Convention "Stay-back Crew" kept busy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009  The annual NJ State Firemen's Convention was held from the 17th until the 20th in Wildwood, and was attended by many of Allendale's firefighters and their families. The "stayback crew" were kept busy for the duration of the the weekend thanks to their agreement to assist Ramsey FD with all calls between the 2 towns.

Starting on the 16th, Engine 932 and Chief 930 responded to an alarm activation on Brookside Ave caused by unattended cooking. A report was fielded by the engine officer and all units became available thereafter.

On the 17th AFD were dispatched to 3 calls. Engine 932 responded to the Holiday Inn Express in Ramsey to assist in a fire alarm investigation. Fire crews determined a dusty head was at fault and went back in service. While returning to headquarters, Ramsey Assistant Chief J. Dougherty witnessed a wayward car hop a curb and plow right into the Dunkin Donuts building on Franklin Turnpike. The impact caused the gas line feeding the building to rupture, creating a major gas leak. Chief Dougherty requested all returning units from aforementioned fire alarm to respond in on a rush, struck a 2nd alarm for the incident and put PSE&G on a rush. Fire crews stabilized the immediate area, evacuated the building and parking lot while rerouting traffic away from the established "hot zone". PSE&G reps responded a short time later and temporarily stopped the leak until their reinforcements arrived to facilitate proper repairs. The incident was downsized a short time later.

Later during the evening, just after returning from drill, dispatch toned out AFD for a light fixture fire in a boiler room in the rear of Northern Highlands. Engine 932 and Ramsey Engine 431 both responded. Capt R. Shute (960) and Ramsey's Capt 470 handled command post duties while fire crews performed incident mitigation procedures. All crews were back in service within 30 minutes.

On Friday the 18th Ramsey FD was banged out for a burning odor at a residence in their jurisdiction. Engine 932 responded in on the automatic arrangement, but all responding apparatus were cancelled enroute by  Ramsey Command due to insufficient evidence of any such report.  Later the same day Engine 932 responded to a residence on Oxford Ct in Ramsey to assist with an alarm activation investigation. Crews performed a walk-through with the thermal imaging camera which yielded negative results. A report was taken and all crews returned to service inside 30 minutes. Finally, to complete the trifecta, Engine 935 handled yet another run to Ramsey for another fire alarm. Contractors working in a commercial structure created a dusty condition therefore setting off the alarm. Crews took a report upon confirmation of the cause and alarm reset and returned to service.

On Saturday the 19th an alarm at a commercial establishment on Route 17 in Ramsey was handled by Engine 932 and Ramsey FD units. A search of the structure yielded negative results and all units cleared from the scene a short time later.



A mutual aid request, an alarm, an odor and a large fuel spill to start September

Friday, September 11, 2009  Tuesday Sept 1 Ramsey requested an Allendale engine to the scene of a working fire in their town. Engine 935 responded with 6 firefighters along with Chief 930. Crews assisted their Ramsey brothers for approximately 90 minutes.

On Sept 2, a fire alarm at Allendale Liquors required the intervention of Engine 932 and Ladder 941, along with Chief 930. Crews found that wine had dripped into an alarm head to be the cause. A report was taken and all units returned to quarters.

A resident on West Allendale reported a burning odor in her home, prompting the response of Allendale's Bravest on Sept. 4.  Engines 932 and 935, Ladder 941 and Chief 930 all responded in on the box assignment. Crews performed an exhaustive search of the structure as well as surrounding properties and found no sign of fire. However a haze and strong burning odor persisted, and all units shifted their attention to the nearby industrial park where the haze and odor were strongest. Crews checked all area buildings and came up empty. All units were returned by 930 shortly thereafter.

A large fuel spill from an undetermined source on Forest Road on this date required approximately 30 bags of speedy dry and mutual aid assistance from Mahwah FD's HazMat team. Crews were on scene for 90 minutes cleaning up the mess.

Rescue 942 at hazmat incident

Rescue 942 at hazmat incident


2nd half of August Fire Runs Breakdown

Friday, September 11, 2009 

On Friday the 21st Engine 932, along with Chief 940 Dave Baez, handled a fire alarm activation at the Asian Cuisine. Crews investigated and found there to be an electrical issue in the establishment. An electrical inspector was requested and assisted. FD units took up and returned a short time later.

The following day (22nd) Wyckoff FD requested mutual aid for a basement fire in their township right over the border off Brookside Ave. Engine 932 and Chief 940 both responded. Meanwhile Wyckoff Fire units arrived on scene and determined a fire was extinguished by the homeowner, and determined there was no extension. 932 and 940 arrived on scene just as Wyckoff Command downsized the incident, returning all incoming mutual aid.

A fire alarm at a residence on MacIntyre Road was handled by Chief 930 and Engine 932 on Monday the 24th.  Crews determined that water dripping from the floor above into a smoke head to be the cause.  All units cleared 30 minutes later.

Early the next morning another fire alarm activation at Brookside School was set off by a faulty detector. Crews from Engine 932 handled the incident. Later the same day Waldwick FD requested station coverage during an incident in their jurisdiction. While enroute Engine 935 was cancelled due to Waldwick's determination that the incident was under control and their apparatus were being placed back into service.

On Thursday the 27th all heck broke loose in Oakland. NORCON requested an engine from AFD to respond to Oakland Fire headquarters for station coverage. Engine 935 took the call and stood by for approximately an hour while Oakland battled 2 simultaneous house fires. Fortunately both fires were small enough to be quickly handled. Kudos to our brothers to the far north.

Finally a gas leak on the 31st at a residence on West Crescent prompted a response by Chief 930, Engine 932, Ladder 941 and Rescue 942. AFD units stabilized scene safety while PSE&G worked to stop the leak. Units were released approximately 45 minutes later.



August off to a Quiet Start

Wednesday, August 19, 2009  The month of August has yielded 6 calls thus far.

On Sunday the 2nd, Dispatch toned out the F.D. for a fire alarm activation at the Asian Cuisine.  Engine 932 responded and determined water leaking on the alarm panel set the alarm off.  Later that day the FD was dispatched to residence on Cateret Road for an electrical problem.  Chief 930, Engine 932, Ladder 941 and Rescue 942 all responded to investigate. Crews found a panel of electrical switches to be faulty and promptly disconnected the panel.

On Friday the 7th, Dispatch toned out the FD for a reported smell of gas within a residence on Mallinson. Engine 932 and Ladder 941 responded for the investigation. All gas-related appliances were checked with negative findings.  A sewer backup was suspected and the Water Department  was requested to the scene.

Burnt toast at a residence on Linda Drive was the culprit for a fire alarm activation. Chief 930 responded for the report.

On Monday the 17th,  Allendale Police received an alarm activation at Brookside School. Crews from Engine 932 and Ladder 941 performed a walk-through and found an activated head in one of the hallways. The alarm was subsequently restored and all units took up.

Later on the 17th, Engines 932 and 935, Ladder 941 and Rescue 942, along with Chief 930 all responded to an alarm on Wilton Drive.  Crews determined the alarm to be accidental in nature and all units returned.



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